Youth Small Groups


Interpretive Dramas

Praise and Worship the Lord with all your might to anointed music with other young people.

Brittany Meadows ​| ​Sundays​ | ​3:45pm​ | CFC


A Closer Walk with God

If we draw close to God, He will draw close to us. Join with other young men and pursue a closer walk with the Lord.

Paul Hafer ​| ​Mondays​ | ​7pm​ | Independence


Iron Sharpens Iron

There are many challenges that a young man faces on a daily basis. Join with other young men and discuss how to overcome life’s obstacles through the power of Jesus Christ.

Elijah Beers ​| ​Mondays​ | ​7pm​ | Taylor Mill


Life Decisions as Teenage Girls

Sometimes it is difficult to navigate through life with what is being said through the media, at school, and with what is going on at home. Thankfully, all we need is the Word of God to guide us on our path. Join with other young ladies who will take the adventure of being led by God’s Word.

Amanda Hocker and Becca Floyd ​| ​Mondays​ | ​7:15pm​ | CFC