Women Small Groups



Will you make it through? Do you feel like the depression and pain may never leave? Does it seem like life has lost all meaning? When you are "WALKING THROUGH FIRE" you think you may not make it out alive. Join us as we experience how others have overcome trauma and how you can also make it through.

Darlene Jameison ​| ​Sundays​ | ​9:50 - 10:40am​ | CFC



Come celebrate life with a devotion and a healthy workout to Christian music! We will be discussing the active lifestyle God wants us to work toward to keep our temple running smoothly.

Lori Baute ​| ​Mondays​ | ​7pm​ | CFC


Advanced Fitness

Get ready to sweat it out in a high-intensity workout. Each session will include a devotion and special prayer time.

Brittney Drayton ​| ​Mondays​ | ​7pm​ | CFC


Nursing Home Visits with Our Children

Let’s live out God’s commandment to love your neighbor and teach our children to do the same.

Megan Bates ​| ​Tuesdays​ | ​1pm​ | Various Locations


Let it Go

If you have been holding on to things that have been weighing you down, it is time to let it go and put your trust in the Lord. Come experience the freedom of recognizing that God is in control.

Tracie Shelton ​| ​Tuesdays​ | ​6:30pm​ | Morningview


Laughing with the Ladies

As the Bible says, “A merry heart does good like a medicine.” Join with other ladies for a time of prayer and devotion and watch videos of Christian comedians who share the lessons they have learned in a hilarious way.

Rhonda Wolfinbarger ​| ​Tuesdays​ | ​7pm​ | Richwood


The Book of Hebrews - a Bible Study

Enjoy fellowship and investigate the powerful Truth in the Word of God.

Sandy Woolum and Maxie Wolfinbarger ​| ​Thursdays​ | ​7pm​ | CFC


He Knows Your Name

As women, we have many roles and we often lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of life, forgetting our purpose and worth. Experience the power of recognizing that God has a plan for our lives and we are known and loved by Him.

Karen Angel ​| ​Thursdays​ | ​7pm​ | Walton



If you have tried every other weight loss plan under the sun, only to lose the weight and then gain it again, then this Biblical-based, healthy living group is for you! During each informative and highly motivating session, you will hear testimonies, learn practical strategies, and be truly inspired by our members who are experiencing lasting success.

Julie House and Lisa McClane ​| S​aturdays​ | ​9:30am​ | CFC