Purpose Small Groups


Walk a Mile

Medical professionals agree that going for regular walks is one of the easiest and best things you can do for your health. Come have a great time and walk a mile with some amazing people.

Cindy Redding ​| ​Mondays​ | ​6pm​ | CFC


The Two Commandments

When asked what the Greatest Commandment was, Jesus responded with two: love God and love others. In this group we will dive into both the Old and New Testament to discuss what these two commandments look like in action. Is our societal understanding of love Biblical, or is Biblical love different? Together we will walk through the Bible to determine the answer to that question.

Brian and Tiffany Byrley ​| ​Mondays​ | ​7pm​ | CFC


Beginning Guitar

Bring your instrument and get ready to learn the fundamentals of playing guitar and also discuss the musician’s role in Praise and Worship.

Matt Boshears ​| ​Mondays​ | ​7pm​ | CFC


Prayer and Ping Pong

Gather together for a time of devotion, Bible study, and prayer. Each session will include fellowship and playing the game of Ping Pong.

Dale Callen ​| ​Mondays​ | ​7pm​ | Independence


Plant-Based Cooking and Nutrition

Learn how to prepare healthy and interesting recipes like Raw Blueberry Pie sweetened with dates, observe food prep demonstrations, taste delicious meals, and discuss the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

Mary Fennell ​| ​Mondays​ | ​7pm​ | Independence


CFC4 Outreach

From ministering to the homebound to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the people of our community, this group serves to extend the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need.

Mike and Morgan Skaggs ​|​ Tuesdays​ | 6​:30pm​ | Various Locations


Basic Cake Decorating

Share your desire to learn how to decorate a cake and enjoy wonderful fellowship.

Sandy Purcel ​| ​Tuesdays​ | ​7pm​ | CFC


Training for a Running Event

If you want to start running for the first time or if you are a seasoned marathoner, this group is for you. Each person will have the opportunity to ​experiment with some different training methods, run a variety of routes on a variety of surfaces, and work together with others toward individual running goals. The only place you can start is where you are right now.

Tony Foote ​| ​Tuesdays​ | ​7pm​ | Greater Independence



From jigsaw puzzles, to the Cracker Barrel peg game, to the joined nails that are tricky to release, we will tackle each of these challenges. Each session will include a Bible study of the many “puzzles” in Scripture that were solved by God’s anointed people.

Josh Bates ​| ​Tuesdays​ | ​7pm​ | Independence


Israel Then and Now

If you have ever wanted to know more about the Holy Land and how it relates to Biblical prophecy, this group is for you. Get insights to upcoming festivals and experience what it is like at Jewish feasts including Passover Seder.

Rabon and Sherri Hensley ​| ​Tuesdays​ | ​7pm​ | Burlington


Preparing for Retirement

In today’s economic environment, what does it mean to be retirement ready? We will discuss key questions, hurdles, and avenues to success.

Duane Martin ​| ​Tuesdays​ | ​7pm​ | CFC


Prepared to Answer

All over the world, people are asking challenging questions about God and various belief systems. Becoming familiar with the questions and opposition to the basic tenets of the Christian faith helps us to formulate a response. This group discussion will focus on key points to “sort out” so that we may be prepared to answer.

Regina McCartney​ | ​Wednesdays ​| 7​pm​ | CFC


Intercessory Prayer

An intercessor is someone who intervenes on the behalf of another. Connect through prayer with other believers who are interceding for the needs of friends and family.

Shelby Jones ​| ​Wednesdays​ | ​7pm​ | CFC


God's Pattern for a Personal Revival

Come and join this exciting study and experience the freedom in following God’s Word. Discussions will include dealing with sin, learning to live in the Spirit, essential prayer, and the importance of living a Godly life.

Sue Payne with Tim and Barb O’Dell ​| ​Wednesdays​ | ​7pm​ | CFC


Sign Language

Join the fun of learning sign language and build new friendships along the way.

Debbie Burchfield ​| ​Thursdays​ | ​7pm​ | CFC


The Seven Churches in Revelation

The book of Revelation opens with seven prophetic letters written to seven specific churches. ​Each letter is uniquely written to address what God has to say concerning His people. Join with others who are eagerly desiring to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

Debbie Hiserote | ​Thursdays​ | 7​ pm ​| CFC


Chicken Soup for the Soul

Just like a hot bowl of chicken soup on a cold day, there is nothing like getting together with other believers and sharing with one another about the goodness of God.

Randy and Cindy Redding ​|​ Saturdays​ |4 pm​ | CFC