Purpose Small Groups


Conversational Spanish

Join the fun of learning a new language and building new friendships.  

Dan Vazquez and Orihet Huffman | Mondays | 7pm | CFC


Enjoying the Outdoors

Experience Christ in His creation with weekly Bible devotions and outdoor activities that include: fishing, archery, shooting firearms, and survival skills.   

Mike Skaggs and Terry Taylor | Mondays | 7pm | Various Locations


Expediting Faith

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God.  Explore the power of Faith as you journey through various passages of Scripture.

Wayne and Barb Shell | Mondays | 7pm | Union


Faith in Falmouth

Let your faith come alive and grow as you connect with others in the Falmouth area.  Discover how faith is truly the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.   

Kevin and Tonya Lovelace | Tuesdays | 6:30pm | Falmouth



Discover how Christianity spread from the upper room in Jerusalem around the world, the status of Christianity today and how to defend your faith in this present world.

Cindy and Ken Cooper | Tuesdays | 7pm | Union


Music Theory Basics

Have you ever wondered why Pastor Tom holds up numbers during songs? Learn the basics of music: pitch, rhythm, scales, intervals, and chords.

Mark Wilson | Tuesdays | 7pm | CFC


Fun with Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Learn how to artistically capture the moments that will last a lifetime.  

Brandon Beavers | Wednesdays | 7pm | CFC


Intercessory Prayer

An intercessor is someone who intervenes on the behalf of another.  Connect through prayer with other believers who are interceding for the needs of friends and family.  

Shelby Jones | Wednesdays | 7pm | CFC


Bluegrass Gospel Hour

Bring your instruments and get ready to sing or play Bluegrass Gospel music with others who share the same passion.  

Josh Bates | Thursdays | 7pm | Taylor Mill


Navigating Finances God's Way

God has a plan for your finances; a plan that is intended to bring you to a place of financial peace.  Join with others and learn what the Word of God has to say about money.

Tad Floyd | Thursdays | 7pm | Independence


Reflecting on Pastor's Sermons

It is one thing to hear the Word and it is another to reflect and act upon it.  This small group will dive into the current message that our Pastor brings to us every week.

Randy and Karen Campbell | Fridays | 7pm | Independence


Endtime Prophecy

From the books of Daniel and Revelation to current events, the evidence is all around us of the endtimes.  You will learn a lot in this small group and feel equipped to converse with others about what is going on in our world.  

Duane Napier | Saturdays | 6pm | CFC