In 2 Kings 13:14-19, the prophet Elisha gave his last prophetic word to Israel: go and shoot arrows toward the enemy. This was a sign of victory for God’s people. But the king only shot three times when he could have done much more. Elisha, as a type and shadow of the Holy Spirit, was teaching us to NOT LIMIT God. As the body of Christ, we only have a limited amount of time on this earth to abolish the powers of darkness, and God has given us resources and strategies to face the enemy. But we need to give Him everything—shoot all the arrows. Seek His power, the anointing, the gifts of the Spirit. God is speaking, “Don’t limit me now!”



Community Family Church
11875 Taylor Mill Road
Independence, KY 41051

FAQ’s for the New Sanctuary Building Campaign

Our church currently holds four services on Sunday to accommodate the crowds. When worship areas are over 70%-80% full, people tend to get uncomfortable and not attend church at all. The new sanctuary will not only help us host larger crowds for regular service times and but also for big events so missionaries and our partners and friends from all the US and around the world can be with us in service. A larger facility is necessary for our future growth. We need to have the capacity for a great harvest of souls. As much as we love it, our current sanctuary is also out-of-date and we can’t add to it—it’s made of wood and there are many restrictions including the inability to rewire outdated electrical components. 

Church leadership is trying everything they can to be responsible and cost-efficient in materials and design. We are trying our very best to keep the project at $12m. Real estate, including commercial, is priced like anything else: supply and demand. In recent years, especially post-pandemic, we’ve seen demand sharply outpace supply which has driven construction materials, like steel, up. This, coupled with supply chain issues from COVID lockdown has contributed to an average 20% or more real estate inflation for the last 24-30 months. Subject matter experts expect this inflation rate to level off to a historical average of 3-4% annually, but they don’t expect any decreases in pricing. Despite all these factors, we are expecting a great harvest of souls and now is the time to build! It’s not a time to limit God! 

Unless we have a supernatural financial miracle (which definitely could happen), we will need to take out a loan just as we did for the Family Life Center. We paid off the FLC loan in record time because of God’s provision and our church family’s and partner’s faithful giving. We’re expecting the same to happen with the new sanctuary. 

We will be more than doubling the size of our current square footage in the sanctuary and doubling our seating capacity with a target of 1,621 seats and the ability to set out additional chairs to accommodate larger crowds when needed. As a reference, we are maxed out with little room to move at 700 seats in the current sanctuary.   

We have made many improvements in our parking areas over the years, including the large parking lot near HWY16/Bowman Road that will be close to the new sanctuary. Our plan is to add additional parking areas in the future, as needed.  

We plan to break ground in the spring of 2023 and should occupy the building around 18-24 months, pending supplies, contract work, and weather.