CFC Internship Track & School of Ministry

Two paths leading to success in ministry: 
CFC Internship Program Track  & School of Ministry

Both paths are designed to:  

  • Help pursue your passion of ministry
  • Equip servant leaders
  • Grow your faith exponentially
  • Give you the knowledge, experience and know-how for successful ministry    

CFC Internship Program Track

The CFC Internship Program is designed to give individuals an overall experience of ministry. We believe that you should see how the church operates and what it takes to do what we do every week. We believe hands-on experience is one of the best teachers. We give you the opportunity to get your feet wet in the ministry by serving in our different tracks throughout the year. Each track will show you a different aspect of the ministry and why its important to the local church. Raising up leaders who are building the kingdom of God through servant leadership and spreading the Gospel is our mission. There is a place for every person in the kingdom of God! You don’t have to preach or sing to be used by God. We know God has a unique calling on your life and we believe God wants to develop that God through our Internship Program.

Those who take the CFC Internship Program track will participate in: 


  • Learn what keeps the church moving from week to week 
  • Learn the systems that keep the church consistent and continuing to grow


  • Learn why creative ministry is important to the church
  • Learn how to implement creative ministry in different environments 
  • Learn how social media is being used to engage people in the church & the world


  • Learn why outreach/missions is what advances the kingdom of God
  • Learn why the church needs outreach/missions both local and international
  • Learn why we need outreach/missions on our college campuses


  • Learn how the productions team uses technology to advance the Gospel
  • Learn how to run lighting cues for a worship service
  • Learn how to use/run ProPresenter 

Student Ministry

  • Learn why we need kids, youth, & young adult ministries
  • Learn the nuts & bolts of each student ministry and what makes them unique
  • Learn how to make the Gospel relevant to each stage of a student’s life

Personal hands-on training from CFC Staff

Sessions with Executive Pastor and Senior Pastor 

Weekly Classes in the School of Ministry

Participation in a CFC Small Group

Community Outreaches

Intern Advance

(1 Day Ministry/Leadership Intensive with CFC Staff)

Participate at Ascend Campus Ministry Events at Northern Kentucky University 

CFC School of Ministry

This program is specifically designed for the messenger, called by God to deliver God’s message through pulpit preaching and teaching.  School of Ministry is intentional in specifically equipping and enhancing the messenger’s hermeneutic and homiletic skills.  Not only is this program of study interested in the message but also the messenger.  The student will learn that the messenger cannot be separated from his message.  His life must reflect a Godly lifestyle that exemplifies the Word and work of God in his life.  The success of his ministry can be found in his passion for God, and his ability to manage himself, his relationships and his resources.  School of Ministry is the pathway to ordination under the auspices of Community Family Church.

Those who complete the The School of Ministry will:

  • Demonstrate above average knowledge of the Bible, its chronology and themes.
  • Demonstrate the ability to properly exegete, organize and present biblical subjects in a meaningful, relevant manner with practical insight for today.
  • Demonstrate an above average knowledge of and ability in essential ministry skills, particularly in preparing and delivering sermons.
  • Demonstrate skill in the non-preaching duties of a minister and an understanding of the culture in the church today.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the world beyond the church and an ability to relate to it with a Christian World View.
  • Demonstrate a consistent, well ordered, disciplined life, produced from the cultivation of the Fruit of the Spirit.
  • Demonstrate a Servant Leader’s heart by serving in the local church and community with right attitudes and ambitions.