Women Small Groups



Emotional healing is obtainable regardless of your current, past, or future circumstances and you are not alone.  Be encouraged with other ladies as you read through Unshakeable Trust by Joyce Meyer.   

Darlene Jameison | Sundays | 9:50 - 10:40am | CFC


Bring It

Join with other ladies and be equipped to do the work that God has called you to do even while facing adversity!

Rhonda Wolfinbarger | Mondays | 7pm | CFC


Without Rival

God does not love us all equally...He loves us all UNIQUELY!  We will be exposing the enemy’s tactics of competition and comparison, and discovering a revelation of God’s love that will allow us to fully walk in His specific plan for each of us.  We will be cheering each other on as we learn to live our lives without rival!

Courtney Bowman | Tuesdays | 10:30am | Independence


Truth Has a Name

In a world full of opinions, it is imperative to know the Truth that will set you free.  This group will be diving into the book Adamant by Lisa Bevere.

Debbie Hiserote | Tuesdays | 7pm | Independence



Come celebrate life with a devotion and a healthy workout to Christian music! We will be discussing the active lifestyle God wants us to work toward to keep our temple running smoothly.

Lori Baute | Tuesdays | 7pm | CFC


Loom for Life

Do you want to make a big difference in a small life?  Join with others in making 250 knitted baby hats that will be put in Love For Life gift bags and donated to a crisis pregnancy center.  Volunteers from the pregnancy center will give the hats to moms who receive a positive pregnancy test in hopes that they will start bonding with this baby and choose life.

Donna Harris | Wednesdays | 7pm | CFC


Learning, Laughing, and Leaning on Jesus

Building and encouraging multi-generational relationships among women through skills, gifts, and mentorship.

Elizabeth Lambert | Wednesdays | 7pm | Independence


Best Foot Forward

You will be so glad you decided to join this group of walkers who are taking care of their bodies one step at a time.  

Brenda Beers | Thursdays | 7pm | Various Locations


The Book of John - a Bible Study

As one of the four gospels, the Book of John reveals powerful truths to the believer.  

Sandy Woolum | Thursdays | 7pm | Independence